About Us

About Us


Board of Directors of Schengen Pharma is committed to behave accordingly for the benefit of our company and to provide permanent and sustainable increase of institutional value. Our company’s Board of Directors is responsible for the fulfillment of institutional policy principles.

The most important duties of the Board of Directors are as follows: To determine short, medium and long term strategies of our company, to establish and plan the budget and to assign employees being important in terms of creating a work flow for the company.

Schengen Pharma is committed to follow the governing legislations including both country laws and international laws. Correspondingly, Schengen Pharma expects employees and business partners to show the same sensitivity. This policy explains some of the basic issues specifically.

We act with honesty in all of our business relationships: Schengen Pharma rejects all kinds of job opportunities including corruption, unlawful profits and unethical connections.

We support fair competition in the fields we operate: Schengen Pharma has a course of action which is suitable for its products and institutional identity and supports free and open market behaviours. Our company and business partners are strictly committed to act accordingly to national and international laws regulated with the aim of protecting competition.

We balance our prudential plans and responsibilities: Schengen Pharma has the quality to meet the needs of its employees, business partners, customers and the community and makes an effort to develop its products in a safe and sustainable way.

We save our records realistically and in this respect, we follow a transparent policy:   Schengen Pharma saves all of its operations and financial transactions correctly and according to the legislation with the aim of reflecting all of its operations, financial values and indications transparently.

We adopt to behave respectful and fair to each individual.   Schengen Pharma is commited to be respecftul of personal rights of its employees and business partners and to treat them fairly.

We care about the ideas of individuals, encourage innovative ideas and reward them:  Schengen Pharma is committed to support innovative ideas by paying attention to efforts that people show for the development and credibility of the company.

We act in a most appropriate way for the interests of the company. Our employees and business partners should set apart their personal interests from Schengen Pharma’s interest and show maximum sensitivity in this respect.

We are committed to keep personal data confidential and to protect them: Schengen Pharma is strictly committed to all laws regulated with the aim of protecting and securing the privacy of personal information.