In order to manage a corporate culture which is prone to team work and open to change and innovation by providing labor force and organization with a fast and expected quality in parallel with the growth of our sector and the strategic plan and objectives of our organization in Human Resources Systems;

We carry out Human Resources Planning in accordance with our strategy and objectives and ground on equality in opportunity during the Selection and Positioning process with the principle of “The Right Person For The Right Job” by using competency-based objective methods.

We apply effective Training and Development programs with the aim of developing competency and creativity of our employees and to ensure their continuity.

We measure the performance of our employees with objective methods and support their contribution to their departments and the organization and their development potential with the aim of revealing their best performances.

We ensure our employees use all of their potential in the most productive way with new operating models and suitable workplace environments.

We direct our employees to success and support and reward individual and team work for increasing their participation.

We strengthen in-house communication with events, social and cultural activities increasing motivation of our employees and providing integrity and interaction.

We see the families of our employees whom we share common goals as a part of our success.

We take necessary precautions to create a safe working environment by taking the laws and regulations on occupational health and safety into consideration.

To enhance working conditions of our employees as much as possible and to benefit from their skills and experiences are among our prior aims.     

We reward the contributions of each employee to the success of the company with a bonus payment system which is based on performance and added to the basic salaries. A performance based salary structure was established for all of our employees. Performance reletad bonuses are based on both institutional and individual performances.

We use Schengen Pharma’s task evaluation system as a base in our salary and flexible rights practices and follow a transparent policy which rewards fair and high performance and ensures its competitive position in the market.