Schengen Pharma grounds on enhancing human life in the fields it operates with innovation focus.

Schengen Pharma aims to contribute to a healthier community by preventing, easing and treating diseases in the treatment fields it operates.

Schengen Pharma works both for the health of patients having priority in the treatment fields it operates and pays attention to the needs of its employees and the other partners in the community.

Compliance to the laws and ethical values is the irreplacable core element for Schengen Pharma.

Our effort to fulfill our “Health For A Better Life” mission directs all of our activities.

Our Values

While Schengen Pharma works with the aim of making its operations sustainable, it is committed to fulfill our social and ethical responsibilities at the same time. In line with these policies, our values are composed of Leadership, Flexibility, Honesty, Efficiency, Ethics and Appreciative elements..